Best Women’s Water Shoes of 2022 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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If you are looking for a fantastic way to lose weight and be out in nature you have to look into hiking. When you are hiking you get a great workout but you also get to explore places that no one may have been on before.

When hiking you need proper footwear in place, this is crucial. In order to have the support necessary to protect yourself. Now if you are going places through water it is crucial that you purchase water shoes. Water shoes have the ability to keep your feet dry while offering support. They can also add more grip when wading across slippery rocks. We have put together a list of the top 5 Best Women’s Water Shoes of 2020, with full reviews and a comparison chart.

Comparison Chart

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Water Shoes for Womens Mens Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise New Translucent Color Soles (Fishscale-Bluegreen, 38/39)
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VIFUUR Womens Mens Water Shoes Comfortable Barefoot Shoes for Outdoor Beach Swimming Aqua Socks Army Green 35/36
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HEETA Barefoot Water Sports Shoes for Women Men Quick Dry Aqua Socks for Beach Pool Swim Yoga Black & White S
Merrell Women’s Capra Rapid Sieve Water Shoe
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SIMARI Water Shoes for Women Men Anti Slip Summer Outdoor Beach Swim Surf Pool SWS001 Splice Green

Best Women’s Water Shoes Reviews

Water Shoes for Womens Mens Barefoot Quick

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No list of best women’s water shoes would be complete without a product from WateLyves. They are known for their dedication to high quality shoes at affordable prices.


The Water Shoes for Womens Mens Barefoot Quick are one of the No. 1 best sellers on Amazon when it comes to outdoor shoes for women. If you are looking to save some money, these are a pair you are going to want to look into. They are high quality at an unbeatable price.

One of the best things about these water shoes is that they are available in a variety of styles that range in colors and patterns on them. No matter what you’re looking for, there is going to be a water shoe for you among their list.

They have been made out of 92% polyester with 8% spandex located on the upper portion of the shoe. They are super lightweight, perfect for packing and in using for sporting activities such as water polo. They are great to have when going on vacation and going in the ocean.


  • checkVery great fit
  • checkSuper lightweight
  • checkGreat for sporting games


  • Not the highest quality of material
  • Could have a bit more comfort

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

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Next up on our list is the VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes. VIFUUR is another trusted brand that spends a lot of time on the look and styles of their shoes.


VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are another pair of shoes that are top sellers on Amazon. VIFUUR is known for their incredible style, and these water shoes do not disappoint. There are so many colors and styles to choose from, over 20, with various patterns and shades of colors.

The neck of the VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes is very smooth, preventing any chafing while in the water. It is very convenient to slip on and off when you need to, a huge bonus while hiking. The fabrics on it are very breathable with a great stretch at the upper portion for a comfortable fit. The outsole is rubberized for added safety while on rocks. These are great to use for Yoga training, or any type of water activity.


  • checkGreat styles to choose from
  • checkComfortable fit
  • checkRubberized outsole


  • Material could be of higher quality

Heeta Water Sports Shoes

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Heeta Water Sports Shoes are another top seller on Amazon under water booties and socks. So how do they hold up when compared to the other ones on this list? Are they really one of the best?


The Heeta Water Sports Shoes are very affordably priced, available in all sizes for women. Like the other shoes before, these water shoes come in a variety of styles with over 20 to choose from. Each of them are very unique, with interesting patterns and various colors.

The Heeta Water Sports Shoes have been made with a rubberized sole that is very thick, providing more durability and resistance when hiking. They have been created with a quick-dry feature to keep you comfortable after going in the water. These shoes are super light, weighing only 0.57 pounds, so you can fold them easily and keep them in a bag. The stitching on the upper portion is strong and will never tear or become detached from the bottom.

Heeta Water Sports Shoes have been made primarily with water activities in mind especially diving, kayaking, wind surfing, boating, and hiking. These shoes ensure a maximum level of comfort at all times.


  • checkVery comfortable
  • checkFantastic price
  • checkGreat dry technology
  • checkDurable


  • Rubberized sole could have better traction

Merrell Women’s Capra Rapid Sieve Water Shoe

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Next up on our best water shoes list of 2020 is the Merrell Women’s Capra Rapid Sieve Water Shoe. Now you may have noticed on our list that we have chosen five different brands. The reason for this is we want to be able to give you as many options as possible, each with a different price point. If you are looking for a higher end shoe, this Merrell product is going to be the one you want to look at.


The Merrell Women’s Capra Rapid Sieve Water Shoe comes in a variety of sizes. You can buy them in one of three colors: black, blue, and bright red. We prefer the bright red because it really pops. Unlike the other water shoes on this list, these shoes look like normal running shoes. You can wear them out of the water and they really have put a lot of effort into their style.

They have been made of a leather and textile material, with a rubberized sole for added traction. The upper portion of the shoe has been made out of PU-coated leather, adding comfort to your foot. Speaking of comfort, the neoprene lining and Merrell air cushion at the heel really make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. There is a cord and lock-lacing system to ensure they fit securely and for more stability while wearing them. There is a drainage channel to get rid of water.


  • checkFantastic quality of build
  • checkIncredibly comfortable
  • checkDrains water easily
  • checkGreat look


  • More expensive than others on the list
  • Heavier than normal water shoes

SIMARI Water Shoes

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When it comes to water shoes for both women and men, here we have one of the top-rated products out there.  Right off the bat, one of the coolest things about these particular water shoes is the fact that they come in about 50 different colors for you to choose from.


If you are looking for an extremely comfortable and lightweight pair of water shoes, then these ones are a great option to consider, and one of the reasons why is because they are made out of very lightweight polyester. The material used in the construction of these water shoots is so soft and stretchy that it feels almost like you are wearing a pair of socks, plus they’re also very flexible.

Due to the fact that they are so soft, you can also compress them down into a small package and easily fit them into any carrying case or backpack. They’re also made portable thanks to the fact that they’re super lightweight as well.

What is also comfortable about these water shoes is that they feature a very smooth neckline that won’t dig into your heel or ankle. Moreover, the material used in the construction of these water shoes is designed to be extremely quick drying. They have the ability to drain and dry within just a couple of minutes after getting wet.

What’s also beneficial here is that not only is the polyester used in the construction of these water shoes very comfortable, but it’s also extremely durable and tear-resistant. The soles of these water shoes are made with TPR materials that will prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces, yet will still allow your feet to breathe, and also keep your feet safe from the hot beach below.

The Simari Water Shoes also come with a specially molded toe that prevents you from stubbing your toes in the event that you bang your foot into something.  


  • Soft and lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Portable
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Fairly durable and tear resistant
  • Soft cuff
  • Easy pull-on tab on heel
  • Unisex
  • Many colors/styles


  • Upper may separate from outsole with excessive walking

Final Verdict

We wanted to include something for everyone on this list. If we had to choose the best one out of the five on our list it would be the Merrell Women’s Capra Rapid Sieve Water Shoe.

Remember, this is only our taste and what we have deduced after looking at a variety of water shoes. If you do not see the pair you want on this list, use it as a starting point to guide you to the pair that will be just right for you.

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