What Shoes To Wear White Water Rafting?

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Water sports are some of the most fun you can have at all times of the year. Whether it is going out on a boat, going tubing, swimming, playing water polo, kayaking – there is no doubt that you are going to have fun. Now if you are an adventure seeker, and love water, you need to try white water rafting.

Total disclaimer: White water rafting is not for everybody. In fact, it can be quite dangerous depending on the area of water you are in. With that being said, if you have a solid team around you, and do some training, it is totally exhilarating and totally worth it.If you are serious about white water rafting, or just want to give it a try, you should invest in a pair of proper shoes to wear while white water rafting. Many times people overlook this fact, and they leave with their shoes completely destroyed. So what shoes should you be wearing?

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While there are no strict rules on the shoes you should be wearing white water rafting, after doing our research we believe there are three you should consider. Either wear:

  • Water shoes
  • Running shoes, or
  • Training shoes with a closed toe on them

Now, surprisingly, you can also buy shoes that are specific to white water rafting, available from a lot of high-profile manufacturers (such as Nike); however, they are expensive. If you are looking for the best, and cheaper, footwear to wear white water rafting, we lean towards a water shoe as you will be getting wet.

Other shoes are going to have trouble drying, especially when you are consistently going in and out of the water a lot of the time. Water shoes will give you great traction and support, but better ability in draining the water once you are out of the water.If you are in colder conditions, wearing boots made out of neoprene may be your best bet as they provide the best insulation possible. No matter what shoes you decide to wear you MUST, and this is serious, have a pair with a closed toe. Sometimes people think that simply because they are in water they will either go barefoot, wear sandals, or just a pair of flip flops.

In white water rafting your feet may scrape against a rock, or if you flip over, you may hit your foot on a hard obstacle. If this is the case, and you are wearing an open toed shoe, you may suffer serious injuries.

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So Why Water Shoes?

So why do we think water shoes may be your best bet to wear while white water rafting? Let’s break it down for you. First off, water shoes are very inexpensive. You can get a solid pair for under $30 that come with everything you need. If you decide to purchase a new pair of running shoes or “white water” shoes, you could be spending several hundred dollars to get a pair. Water shoes won’t break the bank.Water shoes are meant to be in water. We know this is obvious but wanted to reiterate the fact. Water shoes can create a cushion for your feet in water, and keep the inside dry while the outside soaks up the water.

The best aspect about these shoes is that they are usually equipped with lightweight fabric that can dry easily. Many also come with a drainage lining that allows all water to come out of the shoe once out of water.

If you are purchasing water shoes for white water rafting, ensure that you are getting a pair that offer as much support as you need, while also having strong traction on the heel. Many water shoes have been made to go hiking with, even on slippery rocks.

Final Verdict

When it comes to white water rafting the most important thing that every instructor will tell you is safety. You need to be safe at all times. You need to do the areas that you feel comfortable doing and don’t try to tackle water that may be too difficult for you at your current skill set.We encourage you to ensure that the shoes you are wearing while white water rafting are going to compliment the safety measures in place and not hinder you at all.

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