What To Wear For Water Aerobics?

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Exercise can be a very difficult thing to adopt in your everyday life if you are out of practice. It can seem draining, and it can seem impossible to get to the gym every day, especially if you have a family you’re taking care of.

However, we believe that sweating and moving the body is going to benefit you in so many positive ways that you will simply feel better about yourself both mentally and physically.

The key to having a good workout is to do something you love doing. Not everyone loves running, or lifting weights, and that is understandable – it is all about finding something that works for you. This is why we recommend looking at different sports.

One of the most under respected work out routines is water aerobics. Water aerobics is an incredible way to get the body moving, while keeping cool, and being introduced to a great community of people.

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What Are Water Aerobics?

There will be water aerobics classes at your local pool or local community center which you can enroll in. Most people they pass by them thinking they are usually just for seniors who bounce around in a pool, but they are much more exhausting than that.

Water aerobics involve traditional workouts for outside of the pool, but with the added resistance of the water in the pool. The aerobics tend to work on the arms, legs, and core, usually taking place in waist to neck high water. What may seem like an easy workout outside of the pool is incredibly difficult in the pool and you will find that the more classes you take the more toned your muscles will become.

Water aerobics is also an incredibly gentle way to work out, and it keeps you cool when you begin to sweat. There is something so relaxing about being in the water that it calms and Zens you while working out.

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What To Wear?

For the main piece – what should you be wearing to water aerobics? I wish someone had told me what to wear to avoid embarrassment at my first class. This will vary depending on the class you are taking, and some classes may insist you wear certain things but we are going to delve into the average wear for an aerobics class.

The main key here is to find a great fitting swimsuit. You do not want a suit that is too loose as it will make you uncomfortable. Find one that does not give you a wedgie either so you can focus on the workout without being self-conscious.If you are very serious about water aerobics you can invest in a swim jammer, which is more like a body suit that allows for better movement within the water. This is what professional aerobic swimmers will wear and it will also keep you warm if in colder water.

You need great fabric for whatever you are wearing so you prevent chafing. Any regular bathing suit, especially for men, may lead to unwanted chafing so find a great soft material that you can rub your body on without any damage.The most important thing to wear while doing water aerobics are water shoes. Water shoes will allow you to have the best traction on the bottom of the pool without slipping. Also, depending on the pool you are in, it prevents damage from the pool bottom which can sometimes lead to scrapes and bruises.

Water shoes also provide the maximum amount of stability while doing water aerobics so you can concentrate on the muscle groups you should be focusing on rather than slipping around all over the place.

What Water Shoes Should I Get?

If you are not that serious about water aerobics and planning on just taking a few classes, a pair of clean running shoes should do. However, usually running shoes are going to weigh you down in the water. The good news is that you can get a great pair of water shoes for under $30 all over the internet.

We recommend finding a pair that are lightweight, that will only complement your workout without any hindering. Also find a pair with great traction on the bottom so you can ground yourself while in water. These shoes are going to become your new favorite thing, and if you get a pair you can also use them at the beach or on a hike.

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